Entrepreneur Mentoring Group

A weekly group-mentoring session perfect for Entrepreneurs developing a new idea or growing an existing business.

Notice: Due to COVID-19, the group has moved to a virtual environment.

About the Group

Grab a seat at our weekly gathering for entrepreneurs. This regular open forum is designed for founders to talk through business challenges and gain insight from their community of peers and industry experts.

It is different from one-on-one mentoring because the idea is:

  • You aren’t the only one with a similar problem
  • Or you get to think about things that could happen later or something you’ve already dealt with
  • By looking at stumbling blocks that get in the way of growth, it expands your capacity
  • You might have experience that could help someone else
  • By working with an experienced business coach, you might get a different view of seeing situations
  • It contributes to the sense of community at the Treehouse


Margery Miller

The group is run by Margery Miller, a business coach and author with decades of experience starting, managing, and counseling companies.

Margery's considerable experience is augmented by many other business owners in the group with knowledge and techniques critical for the long-term success of small and large businesses.

David Lisch

David is a registered patent attorney with the law firm Gray Reed & McGraw, LLP. David represents startups and growing companies, advising on a broad range of business and intellectual property (trademark, copyright, and patent) matters.

Any statements by Mr. Lisch during the Roundtable session are intended to be for general information purposes only. They do not, and are not intended to constitute legal advice, and do not and are not intended to create any attorney-client relationship.