AEM Creations
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About AEM Creations

AEM Creations provides its clients with websites, email services, videography, animation, and other digital collateral. We also renovate existing projects with SEO, ROI, and US Trademark best-practices in mind.

Our company has produced materials for use in marketing campaigns, summer camps, and even proprietary solutions.

We practice primarily in Texas, but we have experience with customers across the US and abroad.

Companies have hired us to:

  • Develop logos, branding guides, and motion graphics
  • Build tailored, from-scratch websites
  • Renovate websites on SquareSpace and Wix
  • Design and handle printing of business cards
  • Create custom animations to showcase methods
  • Create kinetic, projected backdrops for stage plays
  • Develop online stores and billing platforms
  • Work within industry constraints and regulations
  • Work under NDA
  • Handle confidential information and trade secrets
  • Produce virtual experiences in AR, VR, and MR

If you have a project in mind or want to explore what we offer, submit the form below and we will schedule an interview or send you our catalogue.

Products & Solutions

Online Stores & eCommerce Website Renovation Business and Event Website
2D & 3D Animation 3D Modeling Infographics
Programming Mobile Apps Interactive Displays
Games Videography Video Editing
Kinetic Typography Whiteboard Animations Product Showcase
Digital Art Galleries Desktop Publishing Email Services
And Much More...

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